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09 06
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Festival opening.

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Hall 1

Andrey Dligach, doctor of economics, strategist, futurologist, head of Advanter Group, Headshot brand development, Luniter troubleshooting, Ukraine


Andrey Dligach

Имеет более 20 лет опыта ведения консалтинговых проектов по стратегическому управлению, маркетингу и маркетинговым исследованиям, в течение которых реализовано более 1500 проектов. Бизнес-тренер и преподаватель с 20-летним стажем, автор 8 книг и более 150 публикаций в сфере маркетинга, стратегического управления, организации бизнеса и международной экономики для таких изданий как Forbes и других.

10:15 — 10:45
Hall 2

Manuel Wenzel, Executive Creative Director, TBWA Zurich, Switzerland

IT’S TIME! How everything changed in advertising and nothing really did. And why creativity is still the key-force for success. In times where new techologies, platforms and audiences occur so quickly, it's time to remember the elementary basics of good and impactful communication. And this is creativity in all its forms. Creativity can enhance these new possibilities and enable brands not only to use those, but use those more effectively.

Manuel Wenzel

Before advertising, he was account manager at DHL.He left the job for his passion and started at Jung von Matt in Hamburg before moving to Jung von Matt Berlin, DDB and later Serviceplan. In 2015 he founded his own little Content Agency L7 working for LEGO, McDonald’s and Volkswagen and had been a teacher at Miami Adschool Berlin from 2011-2016. Member of the Art Directors Club and winner of several industry awards, including Cannes Lions, New York Festivals, LIA, Clio, ADC and others.In 2016 the father of two girls moved to Switzerland and joined TBWA\Zürich, where he works as Executive Creative Director.

10:15 — 10:45
Hall 3

Jim Seath, Strategic Creative Director, White Rabbit, Hungary

WHY OUR JOB IS TO CREATE FASHION NOW. As everyone is capable to comment and share, our purpose as creatives is to create a buzz that become fashionable, word of mouth is even more important as everyone has a voice. So it’s crucial to learn how to monopolise on that, in a genuine and organic way, get people onboard with you and they’ll do the marketing for you.

Jim Seath

His career began at TBWA London, working for advertising legend Trevor Beattie, where he experienced the network with stints at TBWA/Chait Day Los Angeles and TBWA Paris for Nissan. After 6 years, he then joined not so well known creative powerhouse 4Creative, which after only 6 months won Campaign Agency of the Year. Jim then went onto AMV BBDO London working on many global accounts, and producing award winning work like the Audrey Hepburn Galaxy film. Jim has since worked in Dublin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Dubai. One of his favorite awards are D&AD pencils which so far he’s collected two yellow, one graphite and two wood pencils. The other is the Webbys. Now, Jim is working at White Rabbit as a Strategic Creative Director to be able to work alongside such a passionate and talented team is truly humbling and ridiculously exciting.

10:55 — 11:25
Hall 3

Momchil Zakhariev, Creative Director NEXT-DC, Bulgaria

THE CREATIVE UNBLOCK. Burnout, creative block, imposter syndrome — some of the conditions that you are highly likely to experience as a professional in marketing. But what really works in tackling them, besides the obvious tips you can find online? This lecture is the result of several months of empirical research on the topic and will provide techniques for unblocking yourself and leading your team, even in the moments when you question your abilities or the purpose of your work.

Momchil Zakhariev

Начал карьеру копирайтером в Ogilvy & Mather, которое несколько лет подряд становилось агентством года Болгарии. Позже он нашел свое истинное призвание в качестве креативного директора в NEXT-DC. NEXT была основана в 2010 году с целью создания работы, сочетающей стратегию, культуру и технологии. Агентство отвечает за проекты, привлекшие внимание международных СМИ, таких как The Verge, Fast Company, Contagious Magazine и многие другие. В 2016 NEXT-DC стало агентством года Болгарии. Это второе независимое агентство, получившее этот статус. Мечтает поработать с брендом для собак.

10:55 — 11:40
Hall 2

Merlee Jayme, global President Dentsu Mcgarrybowen, chairmom of Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Philippines

WHAT THE HELL?! EVERYONE WANTS TO TARGET THE GENZ? The power of the Gen Z is here- now and in the future. Brands from beverages to fashion to sports and platforms from gaming to ecommerce are desperate to understand them and to get their attention and loyalty. But what they are discovering is that this generation is the toughest to crack.

Merlee Jayme

В 2019 году вошла в топ-100 главных креативных директоров мира по версии Drum Global Ranking, в который вошли лишь восемь и одна из них – Merlee. Отмечена множеством престижных наград, в том числе Гран-При Cannes Lions в категории Mobile, Grand CLIO и D&AD pencils. Помимо наград, заполучила своему агентству таких клиентов, как Coca-Cola, Nestle и Shell fuels и пр. Востребованный международный спикер и лидер общественного мнения. Ее видео "Creativity that means business" вышло на цифровой платформе Cannes Lions в подборке "future gazers", а видео-руководство по выживанию для креативщиков в эти трудные времена "Re-Packaging yourself" вышло на LIA. Мерли - одна из CNN Leading Women и опытный член жюри ведущих фестивалей рекламы. Автор/иллюстратор справочника “Everyone Can Be Creative”, но и мама четырех девочек. Она вдохновение и доказательство того, что женщины способны преодолеть все преграды в этом безумном мире.

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Hall 1

Chacho Puebla, Co-founder and partner, 23Rios Craftbeer, SPAIN, Испания


Chacho Puebla

Lola MullenLowe Europe and LATAM. Fortunately he can do this now from the room of his house. He has put offices he worked for, as top 5 in each country he was handling: Tropa Grey (Chile), Leo Burnett (Chile), Leo Burnett (Portugal), Leo BurnettIberia (Spain), Lola (Spain). At Lola he make the agency be recognised as one of the top 10 Agencies of the Decade in Europe by Cannes Lions. He does not like to speak about awards, especially when is him who is writing this in third person. (He is one of those “do it all” kind of guys). He has won almost 400 awards, including 10 Grand Prix in different shows, and 86 Cannes Lions. Of course, once you are recognised by the industry, you are chosen as jury or even President of the chair, something he has been several times in different shows. Chacho loves to do, but also loves to share his point of view about things, that’s why he has give several talks, including Cannes, LA Insighs and TEDx. He can’t give two times the same speech, so check them all, they are on Youtube. Besides working in advertising, he does other things like having a craft brewery, a t-shirt company, a club and works as a communications advisor for several projects. His passion is to find answers, that’s why he creates some conceptual art pieces that flood the internet making people ask some questions. Maybe you have heard of some, maybe not. Google him, and you will find out. He has been in art galleries in Miami, Cannes and Lisbon. After leaving Lola he focus on the brewery and some projects where he put all his passion into sustainability, helping brands to make the transformation into a more balanced way to interact with nature.

11:30 — 12:00
Hall 3

Oleg Ageichev, Creative Director, Mozga Studio, Russia

ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS FOR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. WHICH CHALLENGES COULD BE SOLVED EXCEPT FINDRISING WITH THE HELP OF CREATIVITY? How the increase of knowledge could solve social problems and save lives? Search of creative solutions for nonprofit organizations & brands collaborations, socially responsible campaigns.

Oleg Ageichev

11:45 — 12:15
Hall 2

Oleg Profatilo, Head of Strategy, Digital Chain, Ukraine

PUBLIC RELATIONS DURING PANDEMIC. AND HOW TO START YOUR JOURNEY IN BUILDING CUSTOMERS RELATIONS. Why PR & Communications became crucially important during pandemic, how to start your journey in building customers relations and which mistakes should be avoided in case brand / marketer is not experienced in PR (mostly it is true).

Oleg Profatilo

12:05 — 12:50
Hall 3

Eugene Ivasyuk , Creative Director Isobar, Creative Director Forte Grey, Ukraine / Belarus


Eugene Ivasyuk

Worked for clients success with teams in 14 countries on 6 continents. Advertising and ideological philanthropist, co-founder of non-charity advertising agency Nelson & Teresa. Multiple prize-winner of such ad festivals as KIAF, White Square, EPICA, LAMA, WOW Done, Ad Black Sea. Numerous times has been a jury member at international adverting festivals.

12:20 — 13:05
Hall 2

Olga Oleinik, Creative Director and Managing Partner at АVC, Belarus

RETAIL BRANDING REFRAIMING. What thematic design is? Trends and creative solutions. How do design concepts work? When do you really need retail book? Fast and slow processes. Innovative directing in teamwork. Learn from retail profiles.

Olga Oleinik

In branding and communication industry since 2002. In 2009 co-founded AVC agency that provides today all strategic and creative innovations in branding. Member of Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies (ACMA). Among clients are Danone, Leipurin tukku, UNFPA, PepsiCo, A-100-development, Lidskоe, Valeant, Vitus Pharm, Santa, Magnit, Heineken Belarus, Сoca-Cola Hellenic, and others. She was a jury member at international advertising festivals: White Square, Ad Black Sea, LAMA, KIAF, Yerevan International Communications Biennal. Author of numerous master-classes at international advertising festivals. The works under her leadership have won at many awards including Red Apple, White Square, Ad Black Sea, KIAF, IDEA!, Golden Hammer, Yerevan International Communications Biennale, LАМА. The bright moment for the team was the victory in Young lions Design competition award

12:35 — 13:05
Hall 1

Firas Mghames, Managing Director, Feer McQueen, Lebanon

HOW TO DRIVE RESULTS THROUGH MULTICHANNEL MARKETING. Driving results through multichannel marketing is a new challenge for marketers today, especially with the rise of the pandemic. What are the metrics for a successful strategy? Study your audience, test your channels, calculate your return on investment, optimize and repeat.

Firas Mghames

12:55 — 13:10
Hall 3

Hayk Simonyan, CEO and Founder at Doping, Armenia

EPOCH NOIR IN ADVERTISING BUSINESS. Let’s hold a parallel between classic noir and advertising business, story about an inverval before 2020 and changes after 2020. But we are not in despair, we save ourselves or find out a way out. To be short: «It’s time to flirt with failure».

Hayk Simonyan

13:10 — 13:55
Hall 1

Witalij Jackiewicz, Creative Director at PG Brand Reforming Company , Belarus / Poland

BRANDS WITHOUT A NAME, PACKAGING WITHOUT PACKAGING: WHERE MINIMALISM AND ENVIRONMENTALISM ARE LEADING US. We will talk about modern packaging design and those solutions, that would help us to preserve rainforests, get rid of plastic waste and engage our customers in greener consumption flow due to product and packaging design.

Witalij Jackiewicz

13:10 — 13:55
Hall 2

Folker Wrage, President, Leavingstone International, Switzerland

SHUT UP AND DANCE. Are you done talking? Fine. It’s time for action. We keep talking about change. Does change happen? Not really. And yet it is obvious that our industry is not working the way it used to. Careers don’t take accustomed paths. Our lives don’t happen according to plan. It’s like we have gone to a club and all we do is stand on the side of the dance floor talking about how we should move our butts. So let’s shut up and dance. Learn a few steps in this lecture.

Folker Wrage

If you want proof that you can still be a nice person after more than two decades in advertising, this is it. Or if you want evidence of life in this industry after age 40. Or even 50, for that matter. And yes, these two things are connected. Folker lived in five countries, worked for six big networks, is at home in advertising as much as in direct, digital or shopper marketing. Never does just one thing, so he’s also consulting, teaching and sometimes even DJing. And learning, always. Earned his EMBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, served as a judge of quite a few juries between Cannes and Minsk, always happy to jump on a stage and share some of the knowledge he collected over two and a half decades in the creative industries. Unshakeable optimist and enthusiast, believer in democracy and humanity. Spreading Leavingstone’s unique creative voice as President Leavingstone International.

13:15 — 13:45
Hall 3

Evgenia Mkrtychyan, CEO at Language Profi School, Russia


Evgenia Mkrtychyan

14:00 — 14:45
Hall 3

Alexey Sosnitsky, Creative Director at Ragoo Creative, Belarus

MRAKETING 2021: COME OUT OF THE DUSK. The communications market, on the one hand, it's in the time of troubles, on the other hand, it is the time of new tools, channels and even of a new generation. How to adapt to brand communication with Alpha generation? Is it time to go to TikTok? Should brands use Clubhouse? What we have to do to come out of the dusk? The review of new channels, trends and tools.

Alexey Sosnitsky

14:00 — 14:45
Hall 2

Alexandr Vagin, CEO SUPERMARKET branding agency, Russia


Alexandr Vagin

14:10 — 14:40
Hall 1

Nuno Leal, Creative Director, Partners, Portugal

IT’S TIME TO STOP RUSHING A GOOD STORY. Media length can help creating great storytelling or can ruin it. We may all need to manage expectations when the briefing not suits the media value you have to spent. Real engagement comes with a bigger story, alone, bumper ads are just bummer ads.

Nuno Leal

After a Marketing degree in 2020, started as a copywriter trainee the long, winding road at Bates Lisbon, where won his first national awards, his first Cannes Lions shortlist and Eurobest Press bronze. In 2004 started working at BBDO, then Portugal’s chronic Agency of The Year . Portugal Young Lions winners in 2005 and gold at El Ojo de Iberoamérica with the French Spiderman stunt for Optimus telco: Alain Robert climbed the tallest building in Lisbon with his both bare hands, while talking to an audience with a Bluetooth mobile phone. More awards and shortlists on NY Festivals, LIA and Creative Club of Portugal. In 2007 a short passage at McCann Lisbon and his first gold at Effies with the naming Pop-Up for Oliveira da Serra olive oil new bottles. In 2008 started in Fischer, a small Brazilian agency running in Portugal big clients as Sagres beer, CTT post mail or TMN telco. In 2010 made part of the brilliant team that achieved Portugal’s Agency of the Year. More awards and shortlists came, including Creative Club of Portugal, ADCE and Cannes Lions. In 2011 was his first round at Havas where he created the national most viral digital campaign of the decade with Optimus, awarded with 5 gold at CCP Festival. Between 2012 and 2015 - TBWA Lisbon, brands like McDonald’s and IKEA, and more awards and shortlists, including bronze at Eurobest and more 4 gold at CCP Festival and 4 gold Effies. In 2016 Nuno returned to Havas and won gold at Epica with Animalife’s Karma film, and more awards at El Ojo, Drum DADI Awards, Digiday Europe and 4 gold in the Portuguese Creative Club Festival. In the middle of pandemic 2020, the change to Partners, following his personal mantra “Why not?”.

14:50 — 15:25
Hall 1

Igor Efimov, Strategic Planning Director, e:mg, RUSSIA, Russia

MYTHS ABOUT PROMOTIONS. Many brands believe that promotions have stopped working. We are ready to dismantle popular myths about promotions, talk about the mindset of the participants and effective incentives that should be offered to them.

Igor Efimov

Advertising market expert, multiple jury member and winner of many marketing and advertising festivals. MBA in Marketing Management 2000-2005 TNS Gallup, 2005-2011 JWT, 2011-2018 BBDO, 2018-2021 e:mg group. Clients: FMCG: Unilever (Knorr, SunSilk, Timotei, Brooke Bond), Nestle (Kit Kat, Bon Pari, Nestle chocolate, Nuts), Kimberly-Clark (Kleenex), JDE (Jacobs Monarch, L'OR), Cadbury (Dirol, Halls), Pepsi (Me), Heinz (Mistress's Dream), Gallo, Mondelez (Oreo, Alpen Gold, Milka, Barney, Jubilee), Coca-Cola, Danone; Auto: Mazda, Mobil 1, gas station "Gazpromneft"; Digital services: It’s me, Profi, Bitlish; Electronics and home appliances: Midea, Braun, Nokia, HP, Huawei, Honor; Pharma: Pfizer (Viagra), Johnson & Johnson's (Visine, Tyzine, Listerine, Ben-Gay, Hexoral, Microlax), Bayer (Theraflex, Bepanthen, Berocca, Supradyn, Elevit, Relief, Rennie, Iberogast, Afrin, Nazol, Alka-Seltzer , Aspirin-C, AntiFlu), Takeda (Vitrum, Calcium-D3 Nycomed), Abbott (Similac), Teva (Influnet, Anvimax); Dark market / alcohol: Baltika (Tuborg, Zatecky Gus, Nevskoe, Arsenalnoe, Cooler), SabMiller (Holsten, Zolotaya Bochka), Bacardi (Martini, Bacardi), The Edrington Group (Famous Grouse), Diageo (Johnnie Walker); Retail: Eldorado, Moscow Jewelry Factory, IKEA, MEGA, Alrosa; Financial services: HSBC, Alfa-Capital; Charitable foundations: Deti Nashy, Life Line; Toys: Hasbro (Nerf, Transformers); Restaurants and cafes: McDonalds.

14:50 — 15:35
Hall 2

Dmitry Peryshkov, Co-owner and Creative Director, DDVB, RUSSIA, Russia


Dmitry Peryshkov

Co-owner and Creative Director of DDVB (Direct Design Visual Branding) – one of the leading Russian full-cycle branding agency. He has over 30 years of experience in branding and visual communications. Since 1993, Dmitry has been the creative director of most of the large-scale projects in the field of corporate branding, FMCG, and retail, implemented by DDVB at the request of leading Russian and international companies, government agencies and public organizations. Dmitry is recognized as one of the best Russian experts in corporate branding. He has significant practical experience in developing brands for large multinational and Russian companies. Jury member of many leading advertising and marketing festivals, including White Square, Red Apple, Effie Russia, Silver Mercury, and others. He has been a speaker at numerous industrial conferences. Over 8 years of teaching experience, including at the Higher School of Economics, Higher School of Branding. Clients: Arkhyz, ABI Group, «Goryachaya shtuchka», Cherkizovo, CapitalGroup, Merlion, Sibagro, Sady Pridonya, VDNH, Nemoloko, Valio, Ochakovo, TATNEFT, Norilsk Nickel, Mistral, Karusel, X5 retail, Dixie, Cherkizovo, Olympic Committee, Suvorovo, VimpelCom, Golden Telecom, World Class fitness club chain, Gazpromneft, Bosco di Ciliegi, Bosco Sport, Mars, Snickers, Dave, United Russia, Russian aluminum, Baltika, etc.

14:50 — 15:50
Hall 3

Topic tba. Shevelevich

Topic TBA

Alexandr Shevelevich

15:35 — 16:20
Hall 1

Ergin Binyildiz, Chief Creative Officer Havas Creative Group Turkey, Turkey

OH MY GOODNESS! What sets good purpose communication apart from bad? And what good is purpose to business?

Ergin Binyildiz

Has previously worked with Saatchi, Publicis, Ogilvy and Grey and is currently the Chief Creative Officer for Havas Creative Group Turkey. Amongst his past and present clients are Coke, Ford, Vodafone, HSBC, Unilever, Turkcell, Arcelik, Google, P&G, Peugeot and Reckitt Benckiser. With his teams, he has won several awards in top shows including Cannes, One Show, Clio, Eurobest and Golden Drum. He has judged with Cannes, Clio, Eurobest and New York Festivals. Amongst his achievements are Epica and Golden Drum Grand Prix's. Havas Istanbul has been selected as the 2020 creative agency of the year in Turkey.

15:45 — 16:45
Hall 2

RAUSHAN SULTANOV, Creative Director, Depot, Russia

LOSS OF AUTENTICITY WHILE IN A CHASE OF TRENDS. Ways of forming brand values, designers’ self-delusion and how not to lose autenticity in visual flow. Which process of creating of visual communications should be followed in 2021 and how not to lose the essence and value in endless flow of information.


16:00 — 16:40
Hall 3

Pancho Gonzalez, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer, Inbrax, Chile

CONSCIOUS MARKETING. A performance strategy can also be used to build a brand, is your brand willing to favor engament instead of conversion? How to promote a marketing strategy that generates purpose or positively impacts in the community? How to systematize this type of strategy? The answer is what we call at Inbrax "Conscious Marketing (or Positive Marketing)" and that through 4 simple steps, all of us who work in marketing and creativity can begin to implement or achieve that the brands for which we work, in addition to achieve their KPI's, they also manage to generate social objectives for everyone, not only for the owners.

Pancho Gonzalez

Pancho has worked in the best Chilean advertising agencies and currently is Chief Creative Officer at Inbrax Chile; Director & VP at IAB Chile and Past Director in Achap (Chilean Ad Association). He has been judge at major worldwide advertising festivals, including Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, The New York Festivals, Art Director's Club, LIAA, Mobius, Webbys Awards, Ad Stars, PIAF Awards, Grand Jury at Cresta, FIAP, FICE, Effie Awards, Golden Awards of Montreaux, Cristal Festival, AdForum, El Ojo de Iberoamerica and Achap (Chile), among many others; and was the first Chilean to chair the jury of AME Awards in New York and teaching at Miami Ad School. He has been speaker in Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Germany, United States, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Czech Republic and Chile. More than 170 national and international recognitions (Cannes Lions, ADC's, New York Festivals, FIAP, Ojo de Iberoamerica, Effie, Grand Effie, Grand Prix FICE, Caples Awards, Young Guns, Epica Awards, Cristal Festival, Creativity, Young Creatives One Show, Cresta Awards, Graphis, PHNX AdForum, Eagle, AdStar, IAB, WINA Awards, Achap, Archive, The Indie Summit Awards, Creativepool, FICE (Grand Prix), Fepi, Eagle Awards, Summit Creative Awards (Best of show), A’Design Awards, Never Zapping Festival). Top 25 Worldwide CCO and Worldwide Top 100 Influencer by Creativepool 2017-2018 (shortlisted 2019-2020), London; Adlatina ranked his agency Chilean Top Ten at Crema 2014; Top One Creative Director, Top 10 ECD and Top 10 Creative Agency at Bestadsontv.com 2017; Top one worldwide CCO jury at TheNextGag 2017; nominated MKTG BEST 2018 as Chief Creative Director in Chile; Chilean top 1 copywriter of the decade and Chilean top 2 agency of the decade, both at Lüerzer’s Archive; and recently Agency of The Year at WINA Festival 2020 and Agency of The Year at TopFICE 2020. Recently among the 40 Over Forty 2020 list.

16:25 — 16:55
Hall 1

Hellington Vieira, Creative Director The Walt Disney Company, Portugal

IMPERFECTION IS THE NEW POWER. For decades, marketing and creativity aimed at the creation of strong, beautiful and perfect brands. But people no longer want perfection. They are in search of transparency, kindness and humanity. More than ever, not being afraid of what was once considered weakness makes brands more powerful. To illustrate, Portuguese cases from the FOX and National Geographic brands will be used.

Hellington Vieira

16:50 — 17:35
Hall 2

Vladimir Bosko, Head of Sales, LCD-Media, Belarus

Topic TBA.

Vladimir Bosko

16:50 — 17:20
Hall 3

Alexander Podgorny, CEO at Asterman, Belarus

Topic TBA.

Alexander Podgorny

17:05 — 18:00
Hall 1



17:25 — 18:10
Hall 3

Ivan Podrez, Head of Sales Department, MediaCube Network, Belarus; Yana Bashlykevich, Agency Lead, MediaCube Network, Belarus

WHERE DOES YOUTUBE MOVES OR HOW TO ADVERTISE BUSINESS WITH INFLUENCERS. How to work with trends in blogosphere and YouTube and how business could use it.

Ivan Podrez

Yana Bashlykevich

17:45 — 19:00
Hall 2

Vlad Sitnikov, Chief Creative Officer at POSSIBLE Group Moscow, Russia


Vlad Sitnikov

19:30 — 23:00

Open Air Party for accredited participants, juries and guests of the Festival.

Open Air Party for accredited participants, juries and guests of the Festival.

10 06
10:00 — 10:40
Hall 1

Kestrel Lee, Digital Lead, Technology & Media, Marketing-Interactive, Singapore

PICK UP GROWTH HACK STRATEGIES FROM TIKTOK. From the master class you will learn pick up strategies in using DouYin in China and TikTok overseas, leverage the right influencer approach for greater success, drive organic and PR outreach for marketing outreach & CSR, learn from the latest case studies and best practises.

Kestrel Lee

10:00 — 10:30
Hall 2

Andrey Zerniy, Strategic Director, Action Group, Russia

BRAVE NEW CONSUMER. How digital has impacted the modern consumer, and why traditional advertising no longer works? Discover the evolution of marketing and look how brands should rethink their approaches to effectively interact with today's audience (with fresh case-studies)

Andrey Zerniy

10:00 — 10:30
Hall 3

Tatiana Lisitskaya, Director at MASMI, Belarus


Tatiana Lisitskaya

10:35 — 11:05
Hall 2

Valera Volchetskiy, Creative director, RODNYA, Russia

WHY EVERY MARKETER NEEDS TO BECOME CREATIVE DIRECTOR? Learn how to constructively criticize creativity. How to develop creative skills in strict timing conditions. Check up of creative idea from agency. Unexpected sides of creative ideas.

Valera Volchetskiy

10:35 — 11:05
Hall 3

Roxana Nita, Group Creative Director, Cheil, Romania

USING DATA FOR SOCIAL GOOD. Creativity goes on a date with data. It could be the beginning of a joke, but right now creativity and data are one of the most powerful combos used in advertising. We’ll talk about how commercial brands and NGOs can communicate their statistics and numbers through innovative storytelling solutions, resulting in campaigns that strike a chord with audiences.

Roxana Nita

10:50 — 11:30
Hall 1

Mikhail Ustinov, Creative Director TWIGA TOUCH, Russia

F**K CLICHE. One more time.

Mikhail Ustinov

11:10 — 11:40
Hall 2

Alia Keshishyan, External Communications Manager at Project 111, Russia


Alia Keshishyan

11:10 — 11:45
Hall 3

Ali Rez, Regional Executive Creative Director, Impact BBDO, UAE


Ali Rez

Ranked amongst the Top 20 ECDs in the world and the No.1 ECD in MENA/APAC on the 2020 World Creative Rankings, and named the South Asia Creative of the Year 2020 by Campaign magazine, Ali Rez is one of the most successful award-winning creative leaders in the world. He has won more than 500 international accolades in his career spanning USA, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, at everything from Cannes Lions, Clios, D&AD, Effie, One Show, Loeries, Caples, to Dubai Lynx, Spikes and many more. Rez’s work has been instrumental in Impact BBDO being ranked amongst the Top 5 most creative agencies in the world in 2020, and has brought tremendous business success to the global and regional brands he looks after. He has been on the jury at every major award show, and is a member of the BBDO Asia Creative Council. Besides lecturing at Oxford University and St.Martin’s College, Rez has exhibited at Tate UK, spoken at Tedx, captained a cricket county team in California, and - being a firm believer that curiosity leads to creativity - has traveled to 131 countries.

11:40 — 12:25
Hall 1

Dmitry Apolenis, Creative Director at AIDA Pioneer, Belarus

IN PURSUIT OF WOW-RESULT. How to achieve outstanding results in communication: principles, life hacks, observations.

Dmitry Apolenis

О себе: Верю в эмоции, «зажигаю» бренды! 17 лет опыта в брендинге и коммуникациях. 2015-2019 агентство занимает первое место в рейтинге креативности АКМА Беларуси, в 2019-2020 первое агентство в рейтинге эффективности Беларуси по версии Effie Awards Belarus, в 2019 году – номер 8 в Европе и номер 16 в мире в глобальном рейтинге Effie Index. В портфолио успешные брендинговые и креативные проекты для крупнейших национальных и зарубежных клиентов: Exponenta, Xiaomi, Danone, Mastercard, Альфа банк, Ростех, Лидское, Санта бремор, Oazis, av.by, Garage, Unicef, Белкантон и др. Агентство входит в группу APG, работает на рынках СНГ. Работы, созданные под его руководством, побеждали на международных фестивалях White Square, Red Apple, КМФР, Golden Hummer, LAMA, Adprint, AdBlackSea, Adstars и др.

11:45 — 12:30
Hall 2


NEURO PLANNING IS A FUTURE THAT HAS ALREADY ENTERED THE AGENCY SPHERE. How to find triggers of post-COVID audience and work with them.


Started his career in advertising in 2008. Prior to joining PHD, he worked in one of the largest international advertising holdings in new business structures. He was appointed CEO of PHD media agency in 2014. Over the years, he has successfully cooperated with major brands on Russian and foreign markets as Bayer, X5 Retail Group, L’Etual, VTB24, Volkswagen Group and others.

11:55 — 12:40
Hall 3

Markus Daubenbuechel, Managing Creative Director Ex Scholz & Friends, Germany

BEAUTY OF DATA. The possibilities & the responsibilities that both comes with data for creatives. How it makes out work more useful, effective but also valuable for customers and consumers.

Markus Daubenbuechel

The last seven years, has been working as Managing Creative Director of Scholz & Friends Hamburg, responsible for the overall creative vision of the agency and international clients such as Opel, Siemens, Henkel and Vodafone. In his career, Markus has worked with clients such as Citroën, Coca-Cola, Evian, Kraft Foods (Mondelez), L'Oréal, McDonald’s and Sixt. As a member of ADC Germany and British D&AD, he won numerous awards at creativity and efficiency award shows such as the Cannes Lions Festival, the D&AD, The One Show, the Clio, LIA, the New York Festivals, Effie and ADC. Grown up in Bavaria in a family of artists and film-people, Markus became interested in design at his early age. He graduated at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan with a degree in Design and Photography. His career covered several agencies and countries, but he spent most of his professional life in Germany. He started his professional career in Cologne at Lüders (today Lüders BBDO) with such clients as IKEA and Villeroy & Boch. After that, he held positions at Heye & Partner (DDB) in Munich and Euro RSCG HAVAS as art director and later as creative director. Since 2007, worked at Scholz & Friends, one of the leading creative agency groups in German-speaking countries. Scholz & Friends offices are located in Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf and are represented in other European markets.

12:35 — 13:05
Hall 1

Andy Upton, Managing Partner, Strategy, OMD (EMEA), The United Kingdom

BIG PRINCIPLES OF CREATIVE THINKING. Why creative thinking is important? The creativity isn’t the department. This is something you should apply. Techniques to develop creative thinking.

Andy Upton

Andy joined OMD in 2007 - having travelled across selection of media agencies including Rocket, MEC and MediaCom. During that time Andy was chiefly tasked with delivered the strategic direction for a diverse range of brands in categories including automotive’ luxury, retail, fmcg, public service and fashion. The key theme throughout this managerie of sectors was the need to inspire change, formulate and execute ideas and to collaborate. In 2011 Andy went International – joining OMD EMEA where his role is multi-faceted. From inspiration and guidance across the network to boosting capabilities. The Strategy Leadership function at OMD EMEA is responsible for delivering world-class direction and expertise for global clients in an effective but human way. Most recently Andy has been part of a core team developing and rolling out the OMD Design planning approach across the agency. As frequent key note speaker and Industry Awards judge and jury member, Andy is always seeking work that has a human truth at its centre bought to life in an empathetic, creative way. Because the communications industry continues to do this in an exciting and engaging way this is still a career he cherishes.

12:40 — 13:10
Hall 2

Roman Bokov, Creative director, DPG, Russia

HOW TO LIVEN UP YOUR CONSUMER. Why even in 2021 we keep coming up with ideas for 23-27 year old women, millennials, dog lovers and hipsters? Street photographers as the key to creating a vivid consumer profile. And how street photography can inspire ideas

Roman Bokov

12:45 — 13:10
Hall 3

Anton Shaporenko, Creative Director, Aic, Russia


Anton Shaporenko

13:15 — 14:00
Hall 1

Xavier Esclusa Trias, Founder, CCO, graphic designer, Twopots design studio, Spain

Topic TBA.

Xavier Esclusa Trias

Xavier is the founder and creative director of design studies at Twopots Design Studio in Barcelona, where he supervises all the creative aspects of the projects that come through the doors. With two decades of experience in the world of graphic design and after living and working as a designer in different places around the world like: New York, Ibiza and Brazil, Xavier specialized in corporate identities, posters and branding. His unique style is a mix of Swiss and Bauhaus, a clean and powerful style with a lots of character. He has worked on different campaigns for international brands such as: CocaCola, Cartier and Yume as well as festivals like the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, Electrons Libres, Stereolux, 29 Gourmet Club or the San Sebastian Film Festival. He’s lead workshops at different universities and is a member of the Design Cup 2020 Jury and Clio Awards Jury 2021. With more than 50 awards and distinctions, his work has been published and recognized by: Adobe Spain, Abduzzedo, Behance, How Design, Aiga Design, Branding Design Awesome, Experimenta, Communication Arts, Circle, Packaging of the world, Carddsgn, and theNovum magazine of Berlin. PD: If you make a wish, wish for an idea.

13:15 — 14:00
Hall 2

Sergey Kazak, Marketing and Business Development Director at Artox Media Digital Group, Belarus

WORK WITH CREATIVE MATERIALS ON THE INTERNET AND ESTIMATION OF ITS EFFECTIVENESS. Banner blindness and the weapon against it. Setting the tasks to designer: how to make clear for everyone. Creation of creative materials 'What? Where? What’s for?’. Strategy development. Complicated but very useful. How to influence on users with the help of beautiful pictures?

Sergey Kazak

13:35 — 14:05
Hall 3

Steve Colmar, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Groupe Portugal, Portugal

Topic TBA.

Steve Colmar

14:15 — 14:45
Hall 1

Temur Sadi, Design Director, MA’NO Branding Agency, Uzbekistan

Topic TBA.

Temur Sadi

14:15 — 14:45
Hall 2

DENIS SHLESBERG, Co-founder and Executive Creative Director, Artonica , Russia

WHERE DOES THE STRATEGY STARTS AND ENDS? SPOILER: NOWHERE. There are two critical junctions in branding between analytics and strategy and between strategy and creativity. The quality of these junctions is responsible for brand’s unity that everyone talks about but that is so difficult to reach. Earlier the journey through them from idea to its execution was possible in one direction only. Today thanks to new possibilities of measuring customers’ perception – in both of them. What it gives us and could it be dangerous?


Denis has been working in branding and advertising industry since 1994. In 2004, in cooperation with his partner, founded Artonica branding and creative agency, which carries out all types of strategic and creative developments in the field of branding, advertising and marketing communications. Among clients are Russian Export Center, Magnezit Group, Ostek, Protek, Rosbank, Uralsib Bank, Etalon Group, Center-Invest, Sminex, X5 Retail Group. He has been a member of the jury of various advertising festivals, including: White Square international advertising Festival, Tourist brand. Best Marketing Practices, WOW Awards. The best advertising projects of the real estate market, MedMen, G8s and others. Speaker at industrial conferences and forums including Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum (KEF), Marketing Forum of the South of Russia Giraffe, Design and Advertising, IPQuorum, Printech, Design Prosmotr and others. Denis took part in development of the Tourist brand of Russia, a co-author of the project Russia. There's a whole world here, which was selected in professional competition organized by The Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism) in cooperation with the Association of Branding Companies of Russia.

14:20 — 15:00
Hall 3

Vasily Stepanov, CEO at OpenSpot, Belarus

CLUBHOUSE, SPOTIFY, СASTBOX AND OTHERS. WHY AND HOW AUDIO PLATFORMS WILL TRIUMPH INSTAGRAM AND YOUTUBE. How does advertising market forms at audio platforms. Why and how advertisers should pay the attention to Clubhouse? Why podcast is new rock’n’roll.

Vasily Stepanov

14:55 — 16:20
Hall 1

Alexey Leybovich, Creative Director, Seven / Progression Group, Russia

Master-class. Topic and speaker TBA.

Alexey Leybovich

14:55 — 15:55
Hall 2

Mikhail Dymshits, General Director at consulting company “Dymshits and partners” , Russia

Topic TBA.

Mikhail Dymshits

С 2006 года занимает вторые и третьи позиции в TOП-10 самых влиятельных консультантов по маркетингу в России по версии журнала «Секрет Фирмы» и Гильдии маркетологов. Кавалер орденского знака «За заслуги в маркетинге» Гильдии маркетологов за вклад в развитие методов изучения рынка и потребителя.

15:10 — 15:40
Hall 3

Petar Keserdzhiev, Chief Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, Bulgaria


Petar Keserdzhiev

15:45 — 16:30
Hall 3

Maciej Lissowski, Chief Operating Officer of PATHFINDER 23, Poland

Topic TBA.

Maciej Lissowski

Senior executive with 30 years of professional experience in advertising, marketing and brand communication. Currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at Pathfinder 23, one of the most interesting global E-commerce agencies, these days. Built his carrier with international networks (Ogilvy, Publicis, Y&R) and local agencies. Experienced in all communication fields (from ATL/BTL, through PR, activations, shopper, to digital/new media and e-commerce, of course), and in full marketing mix disciplines. His client list includes such brands as Danone, Ford, Heineken, IKEA, Kraft Foods, Microsoft,, Nestle, NBA, Procter and Gamble, Renault, Sony, The Coca Cola Company, The Gillette Company, Unilever, Volvo and many more. Has the suitcase full of awards and titles, won in the local and international competitions, including Cannes Lions и Effie Awards. Experienced, but young at heart!

16:00 — 16:45
Hall 2

Olga Sharatuta, CEO, RedMe, Russia

Topic TBA.

Olga Sharatuta

16:30 — 17:15
Hall 1

Michael Wilk, Global Executive Director Serviceplan, Germany

THE POWER OF MASHUPS. How to shortcut out of tricky situations with the right combination.

Michael Wilk

After receiving his design diploma he worked at JvM. Joining Serviceplan he became quickly responsible for several international BMW projects. His involvement became visible e.g. launching the first-ever BMW i8, the BMW 7series, BMW M2 and further brandshaper. In his latest position as part of the Creative Board he takes care of BMW’s international needs and supports national campaigning and so as for the French, Chinese and e.g. Arabic markets. Strength is based on strong creative conceptual thougts combined with brave art direction. His work appeals fresh, unseen and unique. Combined with several years of shooting experiences his portfolio covers large fields of peoples-, car-, studio- and lifestyle-photograpy. His work is nationally and internationally known and awarded including a Grand Lia. He won several awards just like D&AD, Cannes Lions. CLIENTS: BMW, Mini, West, Sixt, Bosch, Jägermeister, Telekom, Playboy, NUK, Nordex, UNICEF, Desperados, Pepsi, Smirnoff, Telekom, etc. Michael has a true passion for photography, typography and graphic design.

16:40 — 17:25
Hall 3

Marin Kostov – Muro, Executive Creative Director, All Channels Communication Group, Bulgaria

CREATIVES DON'T DO GREAT CAMPAIGNS FOR CLIENTS THEY DON'T LIKE. The value and importance of the human connection between a client and an agency influence on results of client’s campaign. And why is it important to maintain it.

Marin Kostov – Muro

16:55 — 17:25
Hall 2

Ana Castanho, Creative, Solid Dogma Agency, Portugal

Topic TBA.

Ana Castanho

17:20 — 19:00
Hall 1

Daniel Ottoni, Chief Creative Officer TracyLocke (DDB group), Brasil

CREATIVE EFFECTIVENESS. IT’S ONLY EFFECTIVE BECAUSE IT’S CREATIVE. It’s possible to be creative with a focus on results. There is no more room for creation that doesn’t wear the customer’s shoes and feel their pain. You can't think of effectiveness without creativity. It would be like give a party with the best drinks, but without inviting your friends. There is no chemistry that makes it work.

Daniel Ottoni

17:30 — 18:30
Hall 2

Evgenia Lysenko, Business Development Director at OMD Media Direction , Russia


Evgenia Lysenko

In 2006 started the career in the advertising industry. Over the years, she gained the experience in large advertising agencies in Media Planning, Digital Planning and Buying, Digital Creative divisions (including the Digital Creative agency in London). All these years she was engaged in the development of bright and non-standard projects for the largest Russian and international companies. Since 2015, she has been holding the position of Business Development Director at OMD Media Direction. The priority area of work is strengthening the agency's leadership in the media market: localization of network tools and approaches, own innovative development, participating in major local and international advertising rankings and festivals, etc. She was a member of the jury of White Square international advertising festival, National Business Communications Award and Effie Russia.

17:30 — 18:30
Hall 3

Sergey Filazapovich, Creative Director at TDI PLUS, Belarus; Artem Cheley, Creative Director at TDI Group, Belarus; Dmitry Pribysh, Managing Partner at TDI Group, Belarus

Topic TBA.

Sergey Filazapovich

Artem Cheley

Dmitry Pribysh

18:30 — 19:30
Hall 2

Vitaly Bykov, General Director, REDKEDS, Russia

Topic TBA.

Vitaly Bykov

11 06
17:00 — 00:00

Offline OPEN-AIR PARTY with online broadcasting in counties-participants of the festival.
Dress-code: white & casual.