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Start of something better

Рекламируемый продукт



Europapier's goal was to show the Color Style paper collection, its facture, color tones, interaction with various print and post-printing processes. As a design form we chose the desk calendar. Every month like every paper have its own features. “Start of something better” calendar is about the paper and the way to finding something better I every moment of the year. We would like you to stop and notice some important little things. Like a barefoot on the grass in June, the most starry nights in August and how your heart start singing in every April. Touch the paper, look at its bright, gentle or deep color and remember something better from your life and smile because all the best is forward. Calendar construction and size was developed based on convenience to send it by post. During production we use white and bronze silkscreen printing, hot foil and shaped cutting to demonstrate all paper colors through the cutting window.