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Women Inspire Women

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Women Empowerment Hub


Gender inequality is a huge problem. Women face significantly more barriers in their careers. In lots of countries, women's role is to take care of the home, not the work. But still, some women become leaders and empower other women by showing their success. Women Empowerment Hub was created to gather established women and enroll them in one-on-one mentorship programs. To create an impactful logotype We used the main symbol for women — the letter W, And gave it the shape of the crown. The logo is designed with steel facture - representing strength and the color gold symbolizes success and wealth. We integrated images of the influential females in the brandmark and created woman’s branded accessories with the biographies of these figures to inspire more women. Visitors of the installation get informed about the strongest women in the history, alongside with the mentors of the organization. You can support the movement for women empowerment in business by taking picture at the end of the installation. Keep up the crown hall.